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About us

Trek World USA is Medical Transportation Broker which transforms the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) space into essential transportation and services to meet the needs for all demographics of members. Trek World provides a real-time technological solution that allows members to book a ride anywhere anytime and have transportation in minutes through our TrekIT App and Online Services with 24/7 call center support. We use an assorted fleet of Taxis, Wheel-Chair Accessible, Ambulatory, Sprinters, and Ride Sharing vehicles, to transport members to and from appointments. Trek does not own one vehicle. This provides insurance companies, private corporations, Medicaid, and Medicare Programs with savings well beyond historical averages while providing a hiring and employment program for local cities and towns.

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Trekmed benefit list

Why choose us

  • App providing real-time bookings
  • A full range of vehicle options
  • Record of journeys
  • Feedback and ratings
  • All Trek vehicles meet the Covid-19 PPE requirements and levels of cleanliness
  • Absolutely no compromises on comfort and safety
  • Fully-vetted drivers trained to the highest standards
  • Consideration of language preference
  • Accessibility of driver’s profile
  • SOS button on the TrekIT APP
  • Proprietary, market-leading software to facilitate bookings and pick-ups
  • Seamless transactions through the Trek payment platform (virtual wallet and credit card system)

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What we’re offering

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Credit booking

Seamless payment options via virtual wallet , credit and debit card options.

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Home pickups

Door to Door assistant for members with preferred member + care giver or family member.

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Long travels

Absolutely no compromises on comfort no matter the length of travel !

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